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Distance Learning Certificate on-line course now available:
Introduction to Animal-Assisted Therapy & Activities

Survey Course in Animal-Assisted Therapy & Animal-Assisted Activities

Camden County College, Blackwood, NJ (suburban Philadelphia)

SPRING 2014 Semester - Saturdays, Jan. 25 - April 12, 2014

The Survey Course in Animal-Assisted Therapy & Animal-Assisted Activities at Camden County College is a general orientation Certificate course ­ the starting point for individuals seeking an introduction to the human-animal bond and its therapeutic applications. Students typically are people who have pets that they think might qualify to be therapy animals, people seeking new career and volunteer opportunities, and professionals in such fields as health care, allied health, humane and human services, social work, and a wide array of therapies. No previous experience (or pets) necessary. The course will provide graduates with a Certificate, and assist them in getting their pets registered so they may conduct animal-assisted interventions. The course is eligible for professional CE credits. Through an arrangement with an area home health care agency and local institutions, paid placement opportunities and volunteer positions may be available for students who complete the course. 

The course's goals are:

1. To understand the relationships between people and animals in a variety of cultural, historical and social contexts
2. To use this understanding to empower students to initiate animal-assisted therapy, activities and interventions in various milieus.

3. To enhance students' career opportunities and professional/personal development.

4. To build a network of individuals who can serve as resources.

Course Description and Objectives
Through studying the human-animal bond and its therapeutic applications, students will be able to develop and enhance quality AAT and AAA programs. Selected special populations and model programs will be discussed in detail, with generalized ideas for overall program development. Students will learn to plan professional, ethical, goal-directed, individualized and group AAT and AAA program that incorporate animal welfare.

The course involves ten 3-hour sessions on Saturday mornings (Jan. 25 -- April 26, 2014). Guest lecturers and the instructor present timely topics. Continuing education credits are awarded. Several field trips are included.

Students have the option of certifying their animals in the national "Pet Partners" therapy animal program.

Classes are seminars with a high level of student participation. Demonstrations, lectures, guest speakers, videos, and intensive classroom discussion are featured.

Syllabus (see below): Topics include...
· Introduction to the health benefits of AAT, AAA, and the bond between humans and animals
· Tricks of the Trade: How to conduct quality AAT/AAA programs
· How to organize an AAT/AAA program at an institution

· Risk management and infectious disease control issues
· Field trips to see AAT/AAA at work in hospitals and nursing homes
· Field trips to see therapeutic riding and service dog training programs
· How to get your pet registered as a therapist

Tuition: $400 (MasterCard, Visa & Discover accepted)

To Register:
Register online at the Camden County College Continuing Education online registration service.  Enter the Course Number:
CE.ALH-001-01. Or Contact Camden County College/Continuing Education Office at 856-374-4955. Ask for Dr. Wendy Blume, or e-mail

For more information/Instructor:
· Phil Arkow - 37 Hillside Road - Stratford, NJ 08084 · 856-627-5118 ·


SYLLABUS ­ The Survey Certificate Course in Animal-Assisted Therapy & Activities at Camden County College may include the following learning modules:

Introduction to the Human-Animal Bond and AAT/AAA
Phil Arkow: author, lecturer, AAT authority

How to Organize an AAT/AAA Program
Phil Arkow: author, lecturer, AAT authority

AAT/AAA in the Health Care Environment
: Virtua Hospital, Voorhees, NJ
: Abington Memorial Hospital, Abington, PA

Lisa Buccini

Registration of Therapy Dogs
Barbara Silverstein, Therapy Dogs., Inc. evaluator

Animal-Assisted Therapy with Ausistic Children, Reading Programs, and Courthouse Programs
Lynne Robinson, Paws for People, Newark, DE

Animal-Assisted Therapy with Dementia Patients
Phil Arkow: author, lecturer, AAT authority

Animal Interventions with Children and the Elderly
Marjorie Shoemaker, Caring Paws Alliance, Philadelphia

Animal Interventions in Social Work and with Special Populations
Jessica Hernandez, Therapy Dogs International

Animal-Assisted Therapy with Wounded Veterans
Phil Arkow: author, lecturer, AAT authority

How to Start and Manage an AAT/AAA Visitation Program
Paula Kielich, Executive Director, Pals for Life, Wayne, PA

Cassie Gonce , PAWS for People, Newark, DE

Therapeutic Riding
FIELD TRIP: Pegasus Riding Academy, Philadelphia, PA

The Physiology of Human-Animal Interactions

Phil Arkow: author, lecturer, AAT authority

Risk Management: Minimizing Infection Risks in AAA/AAT
Phil Arkow: author, lecturer, AAT authority

Tricks of the Trade and Opportunities for Visits

Maria Santella, Leashes of Love, Cherry Hill, NJ

Service Animals
: Canine Partners for Life, Cochransville, PA
Darlene Sullivan, Executive Director

Fundraising for Animal-Assisted Therapy and Activities
Phil Arkow: author, lecturer, AAT authority

Evaluation and Presentation of Certificates



Independent Study Seminar Course in

Animal-Assisted Therapy & Activities

Camden County College — Blackwood, N.J. —

Instructor: Phil Arkow

(Course is not currently being offered)


This course is designed to help individuals who have a knowledge of the healing powers of animals to continue exploring the therapeutic applications of the human-animal bond in this exciting, emerging interdisciplinary field.  Students typically are the general public seeking vocational and volunteer opportunities to make their lives and work more meaningful through AAT, and professionals in such fields as physical, recreational or occupational therapy; health care; mental health; veterinary technology; animal behavior; and human or social services. Guest lecturers, field trips, and a student practicum or research project will help participants to develop practical programs that improve human health through the creative use of pet ambassadors. Small seminar-format classes will individualize instruction to students’ interest areas. This course offers a Certificate and is a follow-up to the Survey Course in Animal-Assisted Therapy & Activities, but that course is not a prerequisite.


Instructor: Philip Arkow

Blackwood Location (suburban Philadelphia)

Cost: $400


10 a.m. – 1 p.m.



General Description:

The Independent Study Course in Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) and Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA) is a certificate program which will combine supervised independent study, lectures, field trips, and research components. It builds upon the theoretical knowledge base established in the Spring introductory Survey Course, but students may take the courses out-of-sequence. The course is of interest to professionals and volunteers who are already working in the AAT/AAA fields, or who wish to work with the human-animal bond and its therapeutic applications. Instruction is individualized to each student’s research and interest areas. The course is interdisciplinary in nature. Through an arrangement with an area home health care agency and local institutions, paid placement opportunities and volunteer positions may be available for students who complete the course.



Students completing the Independent Study Seminar course in AAT/AAA will:

                  • obtain practical, interdisciplinary clinical and vocational experience in this emerging field

                  • apply their knowledge, values, skills, and understanding of the historical and cultural roles of animals in society into therapeutic environments

                  • demonstrate their knowledge of the theoretical concepts and clinical applications of AAT/AAA

                  • learn how to plan, develop, execute, and evaluate structured, professional intervention programs

                  • gain an understanding of the needs and strengths of special populations and the therapeutic interventions utilizing animals which may assist those populations

                  • learn to work creatively and effectively as members of an intervention or support-services team

                  • reinforce and expand skills and knowledge acquired in the introductory Survey Course



1. Classroom Contact

The Independent Study Seminar course will meet as a group for six three-hour sessions on Saturday mornings at Camden County College, Blackwood campus. Tentative schedule may include:

                  Class 1 -  Introduction, Orientation, Housekeeping Details, Distribution of Texts, Explanation of Expectations, Description of Potential Practicum or Research Projects

                  Class 2 -  Students to report on research project they have selected and obtain Instructor’s approval. FIELD TRIP: Canine Partners for Life, Cochranville, PA.

                  Class 3  - Students to report on progress and problems to date. Group and instructor will help facilitate resolution of problems and provide direction. GUEST LECTURER: Janice Mininberg, Director of Humane Education, Women's Humane Society, Bensalem, PA.

                  Class 4  - Students to report on progress and problems to date. Group and instructors will help facilitate resolution of problems and provide direction. FIELD TRIP: Green Chimneys, Brewster, NY.

                  Class 5  - Students to report on progress and problems to date. Group and instructors will help facilitate resolution of problems and provide direction. Program: Fundraising for AAA/AAT; Infectious Disease Controls for Healthcare Institutions

Class 6 : GUEST LECTURER: James Serpell, Ph.D., Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

                  Class 7   - Students to present oral summaries of research paper or project.


The Instructor will be available to students between classes for consultations.



2. Practicum or Research paper

In addition to the classroom experiences, students will be required to undertake a practicum project, or write a research paper, based upon practical experience or academic research in a field of interest to their professional and/or personal growth. This may take the form of experiential learning, an internship, academic or legal research, program or protocol design, problem-solving experience, or other practical experience that offers hands-on learning, approved by the instructor. The instructor will be available to supervise the student during this project.



Required Text:

Animal Assisted Therapy & Activities: A Study and Research Resource Guide for the Use of Companion Animals in Animal-Assisted Interventions   (10th ed., 2011), by Phil Arkow.


Plus selected monographs and articles as appropriate







To register:

Send name, address, phone number,

and payment to:


Camden County College

Office of Continuing Education

ATTN: Dr. Wendy Blume

P.O. Box 200

Blackwood, NJ 08012

(856) 374-4955




Phil Arkow  (856) 627-5118



Dr. Wendy Blume, Allied Health/Continuing Education

Camden County College

P. O. Box 200

Blackwood, NJ 08012

(856) 374-4955


University Human-Animal Bond Centers

Canisius College – Buffalo, NY                                                                                                       

                  Institute for the Study of Human-Animal Relations (ISHAR): Located at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, ISHAR coordinates college majors and minors in anthrozoology, animal behavior and zoo biology and links with ecology, conservation, philosophy and religious studies programs.

Carroll College – Helena, MT                                                                                      

                  Human-Animal Bond Program: Located at Carroll College in Helena, MT, the program offers an academic approach to human-animal bonding with college tracks in equine and canine studies.


Colorado State University – Ft. Collins, CO                                                               

                  Argus Institute: Located at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, the Argus Institute works to strengthen communications between veterinarians, patients and clients and to support the relationships between people and their companion animals.          


Michigan State University – East Lansing, MI          

                  College of Nursing Human-Animal Bond Initiative: The College of Nursing at Michigan State University, in collaboration with veterinarians and animal behaviorists, established this multidisciplinary team to provide a forum for interaction and discussion. Information on research, conferences are presented.

Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN                                                          

                  Center for the Human-Animal Bond: The Center expands knowledge of the interrelationships between people, animals, and their environment.

                  Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI)                                                         

Tufts University – North Grafton, MA                                                                                       

                  Center for Animals and Public Policy: Founded in 1983 to coordinate and focus programs dealing with ethical, legal, scientific, and social issues relating to the status of animals in society. In 1995, Tufts University established the first graduate degree program in the United States in the field of human/animal relationships and related public policies.                                                                                     


Tuskegee University – Tuskegee Institute, AL

                  Center for the Study of Human-Animal Interdependent Relationships: This academic center at Tuskegee University's School of Veterinary Medicine uses a multidisciplinary approach to study, strengthen and promote the health benefits that people and animals may derive from one another. An online video behavior test for selecting therapy dogs is featured.

University of California/Davis  – Davis, CA                                              

                  Center for Companion Animal Health: Based at the School of Veterinary Medicine since 1985, the Center enhances our understanding of human-animal relationships through a variety of research and service programs, including a pet loss hotline service, Animal Ambassadors, the Program for Veterinary Family Practice, and the Program for Service Animals.                                                              

University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work – Denver, CO           

                  Institute for Human-Animal Connection: This center for research and training in the varied facets of human-animal interactions across the lifespan is housed at the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver.                                                      

University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, MN                                                             

                  CENSHARE -- Center to Study Human-Animal Relationships and Environments: Established in the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota , CENSHARE is a multidisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners dedicated to researching and improving human-animal interactions and environments.         


University of Missouri – Columbia, MO                                                                                   

                  Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction (ReCHAI): A research, educational, and community programs center at the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, headed by Rebecca A. Johnson, Ph.D., RN.            

University of North Texas – Denton, TX                                                                                            

                   Center for Animal-Assisted Therapy

University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA

                   Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society: A forum for addressing the practical and moral issues arising from the interactions of animals and society.


University of Tennessee – Knoxville, TN                                                                                                    

                  HABIT (Human-Animal Bond In Tennessee) : Established in 1986, H.A.B.I.T. is a community group of volunteers based at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee working to explore the circumstances and consequences of human-animal interactions. Volunteer opportunities, guidelines for starting programs are featured.                                                                

                  Veterinary Social Work program: A program dedicated to strengthening and professionalizing veterinary social work as a sub-specialty of social work practice.


Virginia Commonwealth University – Richmond, VA                                                                          

                  Center for Human-Animal Interaction (CHAI): Established in the School of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2001, the Center (CHAI) promotes interdisciplinary and interinstitutional research, clinical practice and educational activities about human-animal relationships. Research projects and volunteer opportunities are featured.                                     

Washington State University – Pullman, WA                                                   

                  Center for the Study of Animal Well-Being/ People-Pet Partnership Program: A public service activity of the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, which promotes the human-animal bond and animal-assisted therapy and activities. Course offerings include two courses on an Introduction to the Human-Animal Bond in Veterinary Medicine.


Institute for Applied Ethology and Animal Psychology -- The Institute, based in Switzerland,, is a private, scientific institute founded in 1991 by the internationally known behavioral researcher, Dennis C. Turner.


A variety of interdisciplinary courses, curricula and certificate programs have been initiated to study AAT/AAA, the HCAB, and ethical issues involving animals. For directories of human-animal studies degree and certificate programs, academic majors and minors, and copies of course syllabi, please see the Animals and Society Institute website pages for Human-Animal Studies.. Additional Australian coursework can be found through the Australian Animal Studies Group. Over 113 courses in Animal Law are also listed with the Animal Legal Defense Fund.



More information about Animal-Assisted Therapy and Animal-Assisted Activities can be found at these Web sites:

Pet Partners (formerly known as The Delta Society)

875 124th Ave NE, Ste 101
Bellevue, WA 98005

(425) 679-5500


The Latham Foundation

1826 Clement Avenue

Alameda, CA 95401
(510) 521-0920


International Society for


International Society for Anthrozoology


International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations

Other National and International Organizations include:







Directory of Canadian AAT/AAA/Therapeutic Riding programs: The Natural Connection





Other Countries

Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS)

Australian Animals Study Group

Australian Directory of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations

Australian Network for the Development of AAT

Delta Society Australia

Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia

Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on the Human-Pet Relationship (IEMT)

Tiere als Therapie (TaT)




Companion Animal Research & Information Centre (CARIC)

Association for Research and Promotion of Pets' Role in Human Life

Association Francaise d'Information et de Recherche sur l'Animal de Compagnie (AFIRAC)

Forschungskreis Heimtiere in der Gesellschaft (Pets in Society Research Group)


Doctor Dog

Doctor Pet

Felelos Allatbaratok Egyesulete


Irish Organization for Pets and People (PEATA)


Israeli Association of Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy

Associazione Italiana Uso Cani da Assistenza

Associazione Italiana Terapie e Attivita con Animali (AITACA)

Japanese Animal Hospital Association

Society for the Study of Human-Animal Relations (HARS)

Companion Animal Information and Research Centre (CAIRC)

Japanese Service Dog Research Academy


Research in Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Education (RETAA)

Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation,

Consejo Mexicano para Programas Humano-Animal (COMEPHA)


Animal Assisted Interventions in Zorg (Care), Onderzoek (Research) and Onderwijs (Education)  (AAIZOO)


New Zealand Center for Human-Animal Studies


Canem Asistencia, Terapia y Educacion


Vier Pfoten Dogs for People Project


Therapy Dogs, Singapore

Ambassadors of Smiles: Slovenian Society for AAT

Tacke Pomagacke dog therapy society


Human Animal Bond Association of Korea


Asociacion Espanola de Terapias Asistidas con Animales y Naturaleza

Canem Asistencia, Terapia  y  Educacion

Fundacion Affinity

Fundacion Bocalan




Taiwan Dr. Dog


Riding for the Disabled Association - UK



Project POOCH

Since 1992, the MacLaren School, a juvenile correctional facility in Woodburn, OR, has provided incarcerated young men with an opportunity to learn a skill and learn about their emotions while training adoptable dogs from area shelters and breed-rescue groups. The dogs and inmates are together for six hours a day, seven days a week, and the youths are responsible for all aspects of the dogs' care. They participate in groups. maintain daily journals, and earn high school credits for their work. Project POOCH ("Positive Opportunities ­ Obvious Changes with Hounds") is an autonomous 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization housed on government property.
Oregon Youth Authority
2630 N. Pacific Highway
Woodburn, OR 97071 · · (503) 982-4492
Joan Dalton, Project Director

PAWS for People

PAWS (Pet-Assisted Visitation Volunteer Services) for People is a Delaware-based 501c3 nonprofit with over 300 volunteer teams who bring therapy visits to elders, children and persons with disabilities. Teams serve over 130 sites in Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, eastern Maryland, and southern New Jersey. AAA/AAT teams visit elementary schools, chemical dependency centers, hospitals, skilled care facilities, Alzheimer's units, cancer centers, hospices, and other sites providing the loving care that dogs, cats and rabbits can bring to people in need. (302) 351-5622

Pals for Life

Pals for Life is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Wayne, Penna., that has been providing animal-assisted activities visits to facilities in the Delaware Valley since 1985. Its mission is to have pets and people help each other to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. Volunteers conduct visitation, education and literacy programs in schools, hospitals, nursing homers, mental health facilities, rehab centers, hospices and elsewhere. (610) 687-1101

Leashes of Love -- an AAA visitation program serving nursing homes, schools, hospitals and juvenile detention centers in South Jersey. Founded in 2007, this all-volunteer group also conducts library reading programs. More than 80 teams bring the positive health benefits of pets to people in need.

Gabriel's Angels -- Phoenix, AZ -- provides free animal-assisted therapy to abused, neglected and at-risk children to free them from the cycle of violence by nurturing their ability to love and trust. Some 155 therapy teams conduct programs for over 13,000 children each year at 115 agencies throughout Arizona. 602-266-0875

Humans and Animals Learning Together (HALT) - Knoxville, TN

Spon sored by the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee, HALT provides a therapeutic intervention for at-risk adolescents through dog obedience training for shelter dogs with behavioral challenges. The program offers youth the opportunity to develop a positive sense of accomplishment, self-worth and pride, while making dogs more adoptable.

Green Chimneys - Brewster, NY

Since 1948, Green Chimneys has been the premiere program in the US using farm and wild animal therapt to restore possibilities and create futures for children with emotional, behavioral, social and learning challenges. Educational, therapeutic and outreach services are based at the 550-acre farm and education center campuses an hour north of New York City, where residential and day school students are served.

National Capital Therapy Dogs -- Highland, MD

Founded in 1990, NCTD teams bring thertapy animals to a wide range of facilities in the metropolitan Washington, DC, Baltimore and Eastern Shore areas. The all-volunteer organization serves health facilities, shelters, schools and libraries with both AAT, AAA and READ programs. (301) 585-NCTD

People-Animals-Love - Washington, DC

For more than 30 years, PAL has been using the special bond between people and pets to make unique contributions ibn solving challenging societal needs. Founded by veterinarian Earl Strimplke in 1982, PAL has pioneered pet-based prison programs, pet loss support, and after-school and summer enrichment programs for low-income children in Washington. 85% of pet visits are to the elderly, and more than 320 volunteer teams bring wagging tails to some 8,000 people per year. 202-966-2171

Teacher's Pet: Dogs and Kids Learning Together -- Rochester Hills, MI

Teacher's Pet: Dogs and Kids Learning Together is a non-profit that pairs at-risk or court adjudicated youth with hard-to-adopt shelter dogs for a workshop on basic obedience training. The youth use positive training methods to train their dogs to become more in-home appropriate dogs, learning commands like sit, stay, down, leave it, heel, no jumping, or improving socialization. The program operates out of three residential placement facilities (low to high security facilities), one alternative school, and two weeklong summer camps for middle schoolers.


List of Therapy Dog Organizations

Learn about therapy dogs and therapy dog organizations, and find an organization that serves your area in the U.S. and Canada, at

Therapy Animal Visitation Programs

For a directory of local animal-assisted therapy and activity groups and visitation programs, visit

Pets in Housing

An interesting site featuring a national directory of pet-friendly rental properties in more than 70 cities can be found at

Pets in Domestic Violence Situations

Sheltering Animals and Families Together (SAF-T) is an international program to help domestic violence shelters build housing to accommodate the animal members of displaced families. A start-up manual is available at


Animal-Assisted Therapy:

A Premise and a Promise






The "Link"


Animal Abuse,

Domestic Violence

and Child Abuse